The Time Fetch, by Amy Herrick

Time Fetch.png

This is my School Library Journal review: This transcendent middle-grade debut could almost be subtitled "A Young Person's Guide to Existentialism." The opening scene presents Edward struggling to get out of bed with the knowledge that "it was all dancing atoms. Nothing was solid." It's not a depressing novel, though. The story is strange and beautiful, with profundity hiding in the mundane while science and magic come to a comfortable alliance. After convincing himself to leave his bed, Edward has to find a rock for a science project. The rock turns out to be a Fetch, a magical vessel for small glints of light called Foragers, who collect and feed off unmissed moments of time. But when the mean girl steals Edward's rock and is in turn kidnapped by three evil hags in the classic tradition, the Foragers are let loose and begin wreaking havoc on Brooklyn's temporality. It is up to Edward and three mismatched schoolmates (the popular guy, the nasty girl, and the silent newcomer) to return the Foragers to the Fetch and save the world.