A Non-Exhaustive List of Anthropomorphic Picture Book Protagonists Who Are Written As Male But Totally Don't Need To Be For Narrative Purposes

1) Little Pea, Little Hoot, and Little Oink, in their respective books.

2) The Runaway Bunny

3) Wodney Wat (although Camilla Capybara is cool)

4) Tacky the Penguin

5) Zorro the Dog

6) The Little Skyscraper

7) The Pigeon

8) Most of Eric Carle's animals

9) Thing One and Thing Two

10) The Mouse that you may or may not provide with a cookie

11) Scaredy Squirrel

12) Clifford

13) Most of Leo Lionni's characters

14) Froggy

15) Harry the Dirty Dog

16) Rainbow Fish

At least there's Mike Mulligan's steam shovel.

This will be followed by a list of animals that are probably assumed to be boys but totally don't have to be. Add to this list in the comments!

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Themes to come

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