Themes to come

This is called the Opinions page for a reason. I have lots of them, and wanted a place to write them down. Partly because I don't want to continue to just ramble to my friends, but also because people sometimes ask me what I think, and it seems like a good idea to transfer my thoughts onto paper in an organized, logical way.

Of course, by "paper" I mean "the Internet." And because the Internet, and blogs, are a constantly changing, updating, plastic media, that means that this page will include some longer articles but will more likely be serial in nature. Instead of one long essay about, for example, moralistic children's literature, I'll probably post about that subject in shorter musings, as specific books, examples, or lessons arise.

One important note, however, will remain constant. All of the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, unless you agree, in which case they're also yours. They are not, however, endorsed by my employers in any way, shape, or form.

Kyle LukoffComment